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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track: Los que se Aman (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)
 Download « Los que se Aman » free jazz mp3 Listen to Los que se Aman (3:46) By Artist/Band Mili Bermejo From the Album Arte del Dúo (Ediciones Pentagrama) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

EVENT: Paris Jazz Club Presents French Quarter: Jazz in NYC from January 7-10 (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)

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BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Enrico Pieranunzi (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)

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CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: This Holiday Season, All About Jazz is All About Guaraldi (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

Meet Roberta DeNicola (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)

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The Power Quintet at Jazz Standard (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)

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Javon Jackson: Pleasant Valley a€' 1999 (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)

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All About Jazz Album Reviews

Olga Konkova and Jens Thoresen: December Songs (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)
December Songs is a sly title for an album of mostly Christmas music, but it suits the subtle approach taken by the Norwegian duo of pianist m: Olga Konkova and guitarist m: Jens Thoresen. The arrangements consistently find fresh approaches to very familiar music, transformin... [ read more ]
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Misha: Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)
Michaela Steinhauer is a German-born, New York based singer and this self-produced album features eleven of her own compositions and arrangements. These dreamy, romantic numbers benefit from her choice of accomplished musicians, not least Hendrik Meurkens who contributes elegant harmonica featured o... [ read more ]
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Spiro: Repeater (Mon, 05 Dec 2016)
Repeater is an idiosyncratic vinyl only retrospective by the acclaimed quartet Spiro that collects highlights of the band's four albums that were recorded between 1997 and 2015.The British quartet's unrelenting passion for following its muse has served it well as the group's fearless explorations ha... [ read more ]
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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

Ashley Kahn: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece (Wed, 30 Nov 2016)

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Concha Buika: I Feel the Warmer Side of Life When I Sing (Sun, 27 Nov 2016)

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Hristo Vitchev: Charting His Own Way (Tue, 22 Nov 2016)

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Samantha Boshnack: A Musical World Without Boundaries (Thu, 17 Nov 2016)

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TRENDS: As Paid Music Streaming Escalates Paying Downloaders Can't Be Left Behind ()
Although paid streaming subscriptions have continued to grow at a steady rate, the far more rapid decline of paid downloads, along with CD sales suggests that streaming services need to grow their paying subscriber base at an even greater rate. Guest Post by Russ Crupnick on Music Watch As rapidly as the music business is moving to paid streaming subscriptions from paid downloads therea€(TM)s an argument to be made that it needs to move even faster. At the MusicBiz conference in May of this year we offered up a somewhat dire forecast for US digital download revenues, suggesting that more than half the buyers would evaporate by 2020. Thata€(TM)s a bundle of lost revenue, as the RIAA estimated 2015 sales of $2.3 B. Revisiting that forecast wea€(TM)re starting to think it could be worse...
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TRENDS: Music's Role in a Transhumanist Future [bas Grasmayer] ()
Will we all be musical cyborgs one day? In this edition of Projecting Trends, Bas Grasmayer explores how music will likely fit in to a transhumanist future, as technology's development continues to rapidly accelerate, bringing music along with it.A Guest post by Bas Grasmayer on Synchblog Throughout the last 50 years music has become increasingly personal. It shifted from family piano to bedroom record player, and then from bringing albums in your Walkman to your own personal playlist on your smartphone...
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Articles - JazzTimes

Chick Corea and Béla Fleck Announce Co-headlining 2017 Summer Tour - News (Tue, 29 Nov 2016)
August shows to feature complete classic lineups of Corea's Elektric Band and the Flecktones
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Work of Producer George Avakian to be Presented at Rutgers University - News (Tue, 29 Nov 2016)
Institute of Jazz Studies to host "George Avakian: A Life in Music" on Dec. 7
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New Theatre Work by Meshell Ndegeocello to Premiere at New York's Harlem Stage - News (Mon, 28 Nov 2016)
Multi-disciplinary piece celebrates work of James Baldwin
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10 Modern Improvisation Techniques from Woody Shaw that’ll Rock Your World
modern-improvisation Every musician wants to sound hip and modern… To play complex lines that move outside of the harmony and above the time. Solos that’ll make your fellow musicians shake their heads in disbelief and leave the audience speechless. The only problem is that few players actually get to this point, and even less sound authentic, unique, or even innovative in their efforts. However there is one musician in the jazz lineage who achieved this and more – Woody Shaw. And today we’re going to dive into one of his live performances to uncover some of the key devices he used to create a highly innovative approach to improvisation. For starters, let’s take a listen to Woody Shaw’s solo on the tune Stepping Stone:   The solos and ensemble playing sound complex, however the chord progression for the solo sections is deceptively simple: And by studying how Woody Shaw plays over just two simple chords you can get a glimpse into his larger approach to improvisation. The way he plays over an extended dominant chord or minor 7 chord is directly connected to the complex lines and harmonies that he uses in every other solo. Let’s take a closer listen… Breaking down the solo At a quarter note equals 400+ bpm it’s hard to hear the individual ideas that Woody is playing. So let’s slow down the tempo and take a close listen to each line so you can actually hear what’s going on… Below I’ve transcribed Woody’s two … Read More Read related articles 5 Simple Ways to Escape the ‘Diatonic Trap’ in… 8 Techniques Mark Turner Uses to Dominate the Blues Getting More From Transcribed Solos 10 Brilliant Jazz Solos And What You Can Learn From Them How to Play Outside Like a Pro: 4 Techniques That’ll… 3 Secrets to Soloing with the Pentatonic Scale: A Lesson…
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