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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)
 Download « Alma » free jazz mp3 Alma (04:55) Artist/Band Tim Pascoal Band Album Spake Face To Face (Self Produced) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: London Gypsy Jazz Venue Needs Your Support (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)

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RECORDING: Trio \ Def (Drouin/Eagles/Froman) Release Debut Album (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)

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BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Tony Bennett (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)

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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Apple Music Streams Just 4% of Spotify's, Says Indie Distributor (Sun, 02 Aug 2015)

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VIDEO / DVD: STLJN Saturday Video Showcase: Six from Trombone Shorty (Sun, 02 Aug 2015)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

August 2015 (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)

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Montreux Jazz Journal 2015: Lenny Kravitz Enlists a Sweet Swiss Army (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)

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Dave Mason's Traffic Jam at The Paramount (Sun, 02 Aug 2015)

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The Gaslight Anthem at The Paramount (Sun, 02 Aug 2015)

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All About Jazz Album Reviews

Jakob Bro: Hymnotic/Salmodisk (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)
The exploration of different musical formats has been one of the defining characteristics of Danish guitarist m: Jakob Bro for a long time. It makes perfect sense when you think about Bro's approach to music. He is an artist that likes to work with different voices to see what they can b...
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Tom Cox: The Journey Home (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)
Little Rock pianist Tom Cox and bassist Bill Huntington follow their plaintive, 2014 release Red (Self Produced) with the present The Journey Home. Like Red it is an exploration of spare melody with harmony on piano, propelled by Huntington's certain time. It is a crepuscular recital of mood pieces...
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Chicago Reed Quartet: Western Automatic (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)
After a heyday in the late 1970s which saw the m: World Saxophone Quartet, m: ROVA and the 29th Street Saxophone Quartet, to list but three of the more celebrated, strutting their stuff, the format has undergone a hiatus more recently. However it remains firmly established as...
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Romain Vuilleman: Swinging In Paris (Mon, 03 Aug 2015)
Anyone who needs a lift from current state of the world could do much worse than popping Swinging In Paris into the player and be transported back to the late 1930s and Django Reinhardt's Quintette du Hot Club de France. Guitarist Romain Vuillemin's quartet (guitarist Stephan Nguyen, violinist Guill...
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Mark Winkler: Jazz and Other Four Letter Words (Sun, 02 Aug 2015)
Vocalist Mark Winkler has been something of a victim of his own talent: his work as a vocalist has often been routinely overlooked, largely eclipsed by his renown as a songwriter. But the tide seems to be turning for this cool school singer-of-note. With the critical success and positive public resp...
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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

Mark Shuman: Morphine's Music Still Resonates With me Today (Sat, 01 Aug 2015)

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Spiro: Making Music that is Dispassionate and Emotional (Fri, 31 Jul 2015)

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Take Five with Wataru Uchida (Tue, 28 Jul 2015)

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Denise King: Making the Tradition New (Thu, 23 Jul 2015)

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Dida Pelled: Telling Stories And Serving Songs (Tue, 21 Jul 2015)

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Take Five with Oytun Ersan (Tue, 21 Jul 2015)

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CAREER: Five Post-MP3 Era Ways to Build Your E-Mail List ()
After a relatively brief run, the era of the MP3 is drawing to a closeA meaning that free downloads, one of the main incentives for getting fans to sign up for e-mails, no longer has much value. Here are a few other rewards that can be used to entice fans. Guest Post by Chris Robley on The DIY Musician...
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EVENT: Decentralized Events: How Live Streaming Revolutionized Live Music ()
WeA are in an era where it is difficult to throw a proverbial rock in the metaphorical landscape of streaming without hitting one medium or another.A Whether in professional sports, videogames, e-sports, music, the adult entertainment industry a€' even in haute couture with performances of ballet, theatre and opera a€' streaming technologies have left a considerable thumbprint on the ways these art forms are being distributed and thus consumed...
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MUSIC INDUSTRY: The Physical Network Launches in Us, Rewarding Fans Who Promote Concerts, Festivals [video] ()
Harnessing the power of engaged fans is at the center of many startups, particularly in music. A The Physical Network has successfully extended that concept to music festival marketing in the EU and now their bringing it to the U.S. The Physical Network (TPN), which bills itself as a peer-to-peer ticketing marketer, is supporting their operations in the US with the launch of their new Los Angeles offices.A...
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Articles - JazzTimes

Mack Avenue SuperBand to Release New Album - News (Thu, 30 Jul 2015)
“Live From the Detroit Jazz Festival—2014” is third in series
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Colorado Jazz Station Spotlights “30 Under 30” - News (Thu, 30 Jul 2015)
New CD features several upcoming artists
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Gunther Schuller to Receive MacDowell Medal Posthumously - News (Tue, 28 Jul 2015)
Honored for outstanding contribution to the arts
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Paul Jost to Present Jazz Interpretations of Springsteen - News (Tue, 28 Jul 2015)
NYC show takes place Aug. 12 at 55 Bar
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Drumstick Manufacturer Vic Firth Dies at 85 - News (Tue, 28 Jul 2015)
A musician and educator who revolutionized a product line
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Reviews Scheduled for the October 2015 Issue - Letters (Mon, 27 Jul 2015)
Petros Klampanis: Minor Dispute (Inner Circle) Eric Alexander: The Real Thing (HighNote) Orrin Evans: The Evolution of Oneself (Smoke Sessions)
 Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo: Swing Zing! (FV-15) Amir ElSaffar: Crisis (Pi) Arturo O’Farrill: Cuba: The Conversation Continues (Motéma) Revive Music Presents: Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1) (Revive/Blue Note) Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis: Live in Cuba (Blue Engine) Andrew D’Angelo Trio: Norman (Andrew D’Angelo) Christian McBride Trio: Live at the Village Vanguard (Mack Avenue) Hu Vibrational Presents the Epic Botanical Beat Suite (Meta) William Parker: For Those Who Are, Still [box set] (AUM Fidelity) Erroll Garner: The Complete Concert by the Sea (Legacy) Darius Jones Quartet: Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation) (ACT) Satoko Fujii: Yamiyo Ni Karasu, Ichigo Ichie (Libra) Xanadu Master Edition Series reissues Enrico Rava Quartet with Gianluca Petrella: Wild Dance (ECM) Yelena Eckemoff: Everblue (L&H) John Fedchock New York Big Band: Like It Is (Summit) Circulation: The Music of Gary McFarland; Joe Locke, Bruce Barth… (Planet Arts) Joe Albany: An Evening With Joe Albany 2 (SteepleChase) Terri Lyne Carrington: Mosaic Project: Love and Soul (Concord) Stefano Battaglia Trio: In the Morning (ECM) Low Down: Joe Albany biopic film soundtrack Hoodoo Blues: Roots Magic (Clean Feed) James Brandon Lewis: Days of FreeMan (OKeh) Paquito D’Rivera & Quinteto Cimarrón: Aires Tropicales (Sunnyside) Benny Green: Live in Santa Cruz (Sunnyside) Oded Lev-Ari: Threading (Sunnyside) Ran Blake: Ghost Tones; Portraits of George Russell (A-Side) John Pizzarelli: Midnight McCartney (Concord) Al Di Meola: Elysium (Allegro) John Ellis & Double-Wide: Charm (Parade Light) Brian...
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Review: Umbria Jazz Festival 2015 - Concerts (Mon, 27 Jul 2015)
The biggest-ever annual bash in Perugia
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3 Simple Steps to a Productive Practice Routine
3 steps to productive practice Time in the practice room doesn’t equal improvement. Hey, wait a second… That’s right, you read that correctly. It’s time spent practicing the right things that leads to improvement. And this isn’t always the case with most players’ routines, especially when it comes to jazz improvisation… There’s a well-loved myth out there that if you practice, practice, practice you’re going to reach your goals as a musician. You’ll perform at Carnegie Hall and gain the praise of the musicians around you. All because you put yourself in a practice room with your instrument. But is this accurate? The painful truth is that there are many musicians out there practicing like maniacs, spending multiple hours of the day locked in a practice room… And who nonetheless are still struggling to achieve their basic musical goals. Don’t let this be you. Here are 3 simple steps to improving the productivity of your practice routine starting today: Step 1: Avoid bad practice You know the feeling… You’re in the practice room and nothing seems to be working. You can’t get your sound locked in, you keep flubbing the same fingering in that line, and you don’t know what to play over that chord. But you’re determined to keep plowing ahead, no matter what. One more time through that etude, one more push for those high notes, and another run through that tricky chord progression. You’ve got to finish and you’re on the verge of frustration… Sound familiar? This is where bad practice begins. … Read More Read related articles Time to Overhaul Your Practice Routine Repetition: The Missing Link to Your Success Time Management for the Improviser How to Fight Bad Habits When Practicing Improvisation 3 Keys to Effective Practice
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