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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track: Verso (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)
 Download « Verso » free jazz mp3 Listen to Verso (02:45) By Artist/Band Javier Alcantara From the Album Javier Alcántara (Youkali Music S.l.) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

RECORDING: Audio Fidelity to Release Two Jazz-Fusion Classics on Hybrid Sacd by Weather Report and Return to Forever (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)

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BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Jane Bunnett (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)

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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Are Accelerators, Incubators Really Helping Founders and Creatives Build a New Music Business? (Fri, 21 Oct 2016)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

"a€|that wild mercury sound." The Significance of Bob Dylana€(TM)s Nobel Prize (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)

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The Doobie Brothers with special guest Mark Newman at the Paramount (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)

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bigBANG Jazz Gang (Fri, 21 Oct 2016)

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All About Jazz Album Reviews

Marco Sanguinetti: CA^3mo Desaparecer Completamente (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)
The first time that m: Brad Mehldau covered Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" on Largo (Warner Bros, 2002), the idea of jazz interpretations of alternative rock songs was a bit more of a novelty even if a concept that Mehldau had long embraced. That said, taking on a double-disc set dedicate... [ read more ]
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Stuart McCallum and Mike Walker: The Space Between (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)
The Space Between is the follow-up album to this intriguing guitar duo's first album from 2014, Beholden. Both of these British guitarists, long-time friends hailing from the North West of England (the Greater Manchester area to be precise) probably need no introduction since they've been making wav... [ read more ]
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Jason Roebke Octet: Cinema Spiral (Sat, 22 Oct 2016)
The widely acclaimed collaborative nature of the contemporary Chicago jazz scene is expertly demonstrated on Cinema Spiral, the sophomore effort by double bassist Jason Roebke's all-star Octet, which continues the creative in-roads made on the unit's celebrated 2014 Delmark Records debut, High/Red/C... [ read more ]
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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

Meet Kenny Garrett (Sun, 09 Oct 2016)

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Fabio Torres -- FA bio Torres: The Making of Modern Brazilian Jazz (Fri, 30 Sep 2016)

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Lewis Porter on John Coltrane (Fri, 23 Sep 2016)

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Thomas Marriott: Balance in Life and Music (Wed, 21 Sep 2016)

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CAREER: Have Donations Become a Viable Part of Musicians' Business Model? ()
As live streaming and other newer media models becoming increasingly commonplace in the new music economy, it may be time to revisit donations and see if they are perhaps a more legitimate component of artists' business model than previously thought. Guest post by Bas GrasmayerA of Musc X Tech X Future...
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CAREER: Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building an Electronic Press Kit ()
An electronic press kit, or EPK, is best way for artists to give their business contacts all the information they need about said artist, this means it's an important thing to not screw up. Here we look at several all too common mistakes artists must work to avoid. Guest post by Tyler Allen ofA Tunecore...
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Articles - JazzTimes

Los Angeles Philharmonic Announces 2016-17 Jazz Series Lineup - News (Fri, 21 Oct 2016)
Featuring Kamasi, Cécile, Snarky Puppy and more
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James Chance & the Contortions to Release “The Flesh Is Weak” - News (Thu, 20 Oct 2016)
First new full-length album in decades
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Artist’s Choice: Blending Jazz and World Music - Departments (Wed, 19 Oct 2016)
Guitarist Alex Skolnick chooses tracks by Michael Brecker, Avishai Cohen and more
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10 Modern Improvisation Techniques from Woody Shaw that’ll Rock Your World
modern-improvisation Every musician wants to sound hip and modern… To play complex lines that move outside of the harmony and above the time. Solos that’ll make your fellow musicians shake their heads in disbelief and leave the audience speechless. The only problem is that few players actually get to this point, and even less sound authentic, unique, or even innovative in their efforts. However there is one musician in the jazz lineage who achieved this and more – Woody Shaw. And today we’re going to dive into one of his live performances to uncover some of the key devices he used to create a highly innovative approach to improvisation. For starters, let’s take a listen to Woody Shaw’s solo on the tune Stepping Stone:   The solos and ensemble playing sound complex, however the chord progression for the solo sections is deceptively simple: And by studying how Woody Shaw plays over just two simple chords you can get a glimpse into his larger approach to improvisation. The way he plays over an extended dominant chord or minor 7 chord is directly connected to the complex lines and harmonies that he uses in every other solo. Let’s take a closer listen… Breaking down the solo At a quarter note equals 400+ bpm it’s hard to hear the individual ideas that Woody is playing. So let’s slow down the tempo and take a close listen to each line so you can actually hear what’s going on… Below I’ve transcribed Woody’s two … Read More Read related articles 5 Simple Ways to Escape the ‘Diatonic Trap’ in… 8 Techniques Mark Turner Uses to Dominate the Blues Getting More From Transcribed Solos 10 Brilliant Jazz Solos And What You Can Learn From Them How to Play Outside Like a Pro: 4 Techniques That’ll… 3 Secrets to Soloing with the Pentatonic Scale: A Lesson…
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