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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track: Catharsis (Sun, 19 Aug 2018)
 Download « Catharsis » free jazz mp3 Listen to Catharsis (06:45) By Artist/Band Juan Dhas From the Album Catharsis (Self Produced ) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

RECORDING: Mark Winkler and Cheryl Bentyne Team up Again in Eastern Standard Time (Sun, 19 Aug 2018)

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BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Tim Hagans (Sun, 19 Aug 2018)

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MUSIC INDUSTRY: A Lyrical Legacy Endures (Sat, 18 Aug 2018)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018: The Community Series at Koncertkirken (Sun, 19 Aug 2018)

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Forward Into The Past (Sun, 19 Aug 2018)

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Wind, Frost and Radiation with Kari Ikonen (Sun, 19 Aug 2018)

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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

Dave Ledbetter: Diversity and Unity (Wed, 15 Aug 2018)

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Kika Sprangers: Musical Adventurer In Holland (Tue, 14 Aug 2018)

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Frank van Berkel: New Programmer at Amsterdam's Bimhuis is Committed to Serve and to Curate (Tue, 07 Aug 2018)

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Erik Friedlander: Reversing Abstraction (Tue, 31 Jul 2018)

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CAREER: 3 Ways Musicians Deal with Rejection, Take Action ()
Rejection is never easy to deal with in any industry, and the fear of it can often hamper productivity. In this article Suzanne Paulinski explains how to overcome fear of rejection, and how to deal with it in a productive way. Guest post by Suzanne Paulinski from the TuneCore Blog The other day I stared at my computer, watching a cursor blink on a blank page in Microsoft Word for a solid 20 minutes. Have you ever experienced that...
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CAREER: Can Jazz Help You Be More Organized? ()
In this piece Jazz saxophonist Mike Casey explain the concept of mental flow in his music, and how getting into a deep zone of focus can positively impact both compositional and performative aspects of music. Guest post by Anthony Bartlett from the Evernote blog The night in early 2016 was cold and clear, but inside the small jazz club in Old Lyme, Connecticut, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Standing on the low stage at one end of the room, saxophonist Mike Casey was deep in concentration. His eyes shut tight, the young musician was focused on the creative interplay between himself, bassist Matt Dwonszyk, and drummer Corey Garcia...
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Why Melody is the Secret to Playing Better Jazz Solos
This is all useful information. And it will help you understand the harmonic function and music theory behind all those jazz standards. But it’s missing one essential piece to creating exceptional solos – one word that can mean the difference between years of frustrated scale practice and actually making music… I’m talking about Melody. You […] The post Why Melody is the Secret to Playing Better Jazz Solos appeared first on Jazz Advice.
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"If you're here you‘re Far From Square"


The Soundtrack for your everyday Chill!


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