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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track: Calumet (Sun, 16 Jun 2019)
 Download « Calumet » free jazz mp3 Listen to Calumet (06:31) By Artist/Band Evgeny Pobozhiy From the Album Calumet (Self Produced ) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Erroll Garner (Sat, 15 Jun 2019)

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VIDEO / DVD: STLJN Saturday Video Showcase: Introducing Roosevelt Collier (Fri, 14 Jun 2019)

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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Wife Upload's Husband's Snoring to Spotify, Apple Music. 30,000 Streams Later... (Fri, 14 Jun 2019)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

Mediterranean Jazz Bagatelles: Paolino Dalla Porta and Bebo Ferra (Sun, 16 Jun 2019)

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Phineas Newborn Jr. and Miles Davis (Sun, 16 Jun 2019)

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Linx-Farao-Eastwood-Baker at Cremona Jazz Fest 2019 (Sun, 16 Jun 2019)

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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

Take Five with Machrijam (Wed, 12 Jun 2019)

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A Young Person's Guide to the Jazz Bastard Podcast (Tue, 11 Jun 2019)

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Bret Primack on Jazz Video and the Ira Gitler Documentary (Tue, 11 Jun 2019)

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Take Five with Omer Ashano (Mon, 10 Jun 2019)

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MUSIC INDUSTRY: 6 Things You Must Ask Your Automated Content Recognition (Acr) Vendor ()
Automated Content Recognition, or ACR, has become an integral part of the consumption of music and video as we experience them today. As more platforms publish user generated content, effectively monitoring use of copyrighted material has become increasingly difficult. So, how does one choose an ACR vendor that can be relied on...
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CAREER: How to Win over a Lame Crowd: A Musician's Guide ()
The lame crowd is an inevitability for any performing artists, and while an unreceptive crowd can be more than a little discouraging, there are a few ways to deal this frustrating right of passage that can leave you coming out on top and, ultimately, maybe even win the crowd over in the end. Guest post by Gideon Waxman from Soundfly's Flypaper...
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3 Transitions in the Blues You Gotta Nail: Charlie Parker Bosses the Blues
And every jazz musician at some point or another has to learn how to play the blues. There’s no way around it. If you want to play jazz, then you gotta play the blues… But this doesn’t mean that you have to play in the blues style or run up and down a blues scale. […] The post 3 Transitions in the Blues You Gotta Nail: Charlie Parker Bosses the Blues appeared first on Jazz Advice.
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"If you're here you‘re Far From Square"


The Soundtrack for your everyday Chill!


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