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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track: In From Somewhere (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)
 Download « In From Somewhere » free jazz mp3 Listen to In From Somewhere (5:36) By Artist/Band Brad Myers From the Album Sanguinaria (Hopefulsongs) (Colloquy Records) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

PERFORMANCE: Stephanie Jordan Begins Residency at Jazz Live Hyatt as Featured Artist (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)

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WEBSITE: All About Jazz Top 10 MP3 Downloads: February 2017 (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)

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PERFORMANCE: Jazz Standard Begins New "Mobetta Tuesdays" Weekly Residency Led by Grammy Award-Winning Trumpeter / Producer Maurice "Mobetta" Brown (Tue, 28 Feb 2017)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

Barbara Dennerlein -- Top Ten Jazz Tracks for Surf Music (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)

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A Mixed Bag a€' Joonsam, Petros Klampanis, O.R.K., Peter Erskine, David Ambrosio/Russ Meissner (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)

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Larry Coryell: Free Spirit and Pioneer (Tue, 28 Feb 2017)

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All About Jazz Album Reviews

Alessandro Fadini: A Dark and Stormy Day (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)
Amongst the firehose-like blast of CDs and downloads aimed at me last summer was A Dark and Stormy Day, the debut album by Italian-born pianist and composer m: Alessandro Fadini. A new name to me, Fadini was educated to be a mathematician and is apparently self-taught on piano. Don't let... [ read more ]
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Rick Hirsch's Big Ol' Band: Pocono Git-Down (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)
A native of State College, PA and long-time fixture in the small cities, college towns and regional area jazz scene, saxophonist and educator Rick Hirsch sought to promote and celebrate this overlooked part of the musical community by drawing out twenty of his favorite small-town musician-friends an... [ read more ]
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Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen: RA-mur (Wed, 01 Mar 2017)
RA-mur is a collection of seventeen chants, hymns, folk songs and improvisations based on ancient Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish sources, brought into our contemporary way of sensing by singer/violinist m: Anna Maria Friman, singers Linn Andrea Fuglseth and Berit Opheim, and eminent tr... [ read more ]
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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

Jamil Sheriff: Helping shape a brave new jazz world (Fri, 24 Feb 2017)

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Tim Bowness: Ghost Lights and Life Sentences (Sun, 19 Feb 2017)

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Laura Jurd: Big Footprints (Thu, 16 Feb 2017)

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Al Jarreau holds forth on the art of singing, the decline of radio and the glory of the great American songbook (Tue, 14 Feb 2017)

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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Trump Administration Seeks to Cut or Privatize All Arts Funding ()
In an alleged effort to reduce spending by the government, the Trump administration recently drafted a budget which would lop off funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Guest post by Taylor Mims on Amplify...
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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Stagelink Expands to Us Backed by Seven Figure Investment ()
German basedA event crowdsourcing platform Stagelink has expanded to the U.S. after concluding a seven-digit seed financing. Using Stagelink, musicians and other creators uncover fan demand for potential live appearances to produce successful, risk-free events and tours. Stagelink will open its firstA U.S. office in Santa Monica, California...
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Make 2017 Your Best Musical Year – Use These 3 Simple Steps to Reach Your Goals
How to accomplish musical goals Let’s be real. New Year’s Resolutions don’t work… Every year, January 1st comes and people act as if they’re going to entirely reinvent themselves, that this is the year. The year that’s different than all other years. The year of making things happen and achieving goals. But just after a few weeks, the smoke from the fireworks clears and we’re back to square one. Back into our routine and back into our old habits. Our lofty goals fade away to the background once again, patiently waiting to resurface at the turn of the next new year… What went wrong? Is there a solution? I’m a motivated person, is there a way I can actually accomplish my musical goals this year? I’ve got good news for you. YES. It’s absolutely possible to accomplish your musical goals this year—or at least make huge progress on them—but you need to transform how you think about musical goals. The standard goal setting methods might work when it comes to getting up earlier or drinking more water, but as a musician, you need a method that’s ongoing. You need a method that works when you’re tired. You need a method that turns even your smallest goals into a reality because let’s face it…in music even the smallest goals take a TON of work to achieve. In general, when it comes to musical goals, goals are much larger than they appear. Musical goals are large For example, it sounds simple enough to “transcribe a solo,” but what get’s lost in … Read More Read related articles The Power of One Time to Overhaul Your Practice Routine One Brick at a Time: That’s how you build a wall Goal Setting 101 for the Jazz Musician Marathon Training For The Musician A Word From Investor’s Business Daily
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"If you're here you‘re Far From Square"


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