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Jazz MP3 Download of the Day

Today's Track: Yalgızam (Fri, 23 Feb 2018)
 Download « Yalgızam » free jazz mp3 Listen to Yalgızam (05:05) By Artist/Band Burak Kaya From the Album Songs For Cango (Weplay ) More Downloads
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Jazz Music News

EVENT: Dr. Lonnie, Monaco and Gibbs: Hope College's Jazz Organ Summit (Fri, 23 Feb 2018)

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EVENT: Highlights in Jazz 45th Anniversary Gala Thurs., Feb. 22nd 8PM (Thu, 22 Feb 2018)

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EVENT: Steve Slagle "Dedication" CD Release Thurs., Feb. 22nd at Smoke - Three Sets - Starts at 7PM (Thu, 22 Feb 2018)

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All About Jazz Feature Articles

Fred Frith's solo performance at the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra's Concert Hall (Fri, 23 Feb 2018)

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Formats - Solo Through Nonet (Fri, 23 Feb 2018)

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Brussels Jazz Festival 2018 (Thu, 22 Feb 2018)

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All About Jazz Feature Interviews

John McLaughlin on the Mystery of Creativity, Inspiration, and Music (Wed, 21 Feb 2018)

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Paula Shocron: Paths to a New Sound (Mon, 19 Feb 2018)

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Dave Douglas: From Revolution to Revelation (Mon, 19 Feb 2018)

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Dan Monaghan: The Man Behind The Swing (Fri, 16 Feb 2018)

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TRENDS: How Are Listeners Finding New Independent Music? ()
While methods of music discovery vary drastically from person to person, we here look at few avenues which avid music consumers commonly turn to in their search for fresh tunes, depending on the demographic in question. Guest post by Rich Nardo of the TuneCore Blog [Editors Note: This article was written by Rich Nardo...
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TRENDS: Playlist Culture and Our Shrinking Attention Spans ()
Besides getting the industry back on its feet as a whole, playlist have been a huge asset in bringing unknown groups and artists out of obscurity. While this all seems like a good thing, playlist culture has it's own potential downsides. Guest post by Patrick McGuire on the ReverbNation Blog In addition to delivering big profits to labels and publishers, playlists are helping new and unknown artists succeed in some profound ways. From popular independent playlists curated in dorm rooms to Spotify's insanely successful Discover Weekly feature, playlists are becoming a major way for listeners to learn about new music. The music industry has a lot to gain from this new trend, but is there a downside to our ever-increasing penchant for playlists...
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The Jazzadvice Diminished Handbook
You see, scales, shapes, patterns, and harmonies utilizing the symmetry of the diminished sound are more common than you might think. And they’ve been used by dozens of important improvisers, past and present. If you’ve ever listened to recordings of John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Mulgrew Miller, or Michael Brecker you’ve heard diminished patterns in action. […]
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"If you're here you‘re Far From Square"


The Soundtrack for your everyday Chill!


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