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Today's Track: Zero Gravity (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)
 Download « Zero Gravity » free jazz mp3 Listen to Zero Gravity (05:12) By Artist/Band E.S.P. From the Album Zero Gravity (Spider Records ) More Downloads
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TV / FILM: David Sanborn Releases Trailer for His New Show 'Sanborn Sessions' (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)

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RECORDING: Lisa Hilton Redefines Her Path with Latest Album 'Chalkboard Destiny' Available December 6th (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)

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BIRTHDAY: Jazz Musician of the Day: Charlie Mariano (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)

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Wycliffe Gordon and Vincent Gardner At The Jazz Corner (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)

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Moldejazz 2019 (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)

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Jazz and Bossa Nova - Gilberto, Jobim, Bonfa, Getz (1958 - 1963) (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)

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Weekly Jazz activities in Baltimore, MD area!
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TV / FILM: David Sanborn Releases Trailer for His New Show 'Sanborn Sessions' ()
DAVE SANBORN, LEGENDARY SAXOPHONIST, PRESENTS THE FIRST SEASON OF HIS NEW SHOW 'SANBORN SESSIONS' Digital Series Features Performances and Conversation With m: Kandace Springs, Michael McDonald, m: Terrace Martin, m: Bob James and Others. Dave Sanborn, veteran saxophonist and six time Grammy Award winner announced today that he will soon present the first episode of his new music show, Sanborn Sessions. The new series is hosted by Sanborn and features a diverse roster of accomplished artists from a variety of genres and generations. In its initial season Sanborn welcomes Kandace Springs, Terrace Martin, Michael McDonald, Brian Owens, Bob James, Jonatha Brooke, m: Charlie Hunter and m: Cyrille Aimee...
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MUSIC INDUSTRY: Why Improvisation is Great for Seasoned Musicians, as Well as Those Just Beginning to Learn Music ()
When performing on stage or learning a new piece of music, musicians typically view their playing one of two ways, good or poor. Unfortunately, this binary way of look at music can do real harm to our growth as an artist, harm which can be rectified through the power of innovation. Guest post by Patrick McGuire of Soundfly's Flypaper...
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What Most Players Are Missing When They Transcribe Solos…
After a few hours or maybe a few days…you’ve got it! The secrets you were searching for are revealed. The exact notes right there on the page, the very scales and lines of the greats staring you in the face. Sounds great right?? But here’s the frustrating thing – even though you’ve put in a […] The post What Most Players Are Missing When They Transcribe Solos… appeared first on Jazz Advice.
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"If you're here you‘re Far From Square"


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