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Kasper Rietkerk: The Island (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)
For many musicians, releasing their first album as a leader represents the high point of their career to that point. Even though it is daunting, alto saxophonist Kasper Rietkerk takes it all in his stride, making it seem straightforward. He brings his sextet, KRSIX, top-quality guest musicians and a string quartet to the studio to record eight of his compositions for The Island... [ read more ]
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Splashgirl + Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: More Human (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)
Years after Splashgirl's first album, Doors. Keys (Aim Records, 2007) was recorded, it is a pleasure to welcome their seventh album, their sixth on Hubro, particularly as years have elapsed since their last release, Sixth Sense (Hubro, 2018). The trio at the core of Splashgirl have known each other since 2000--Jo Berger Myhre on bass, Andreas Vold Løwe on keyboards, and Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød on drums, with all three also employing electronics... [ read more ]
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Kenny Reichert: Switch (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)
Chicago guitarist Kenny Reichert works extremely hard to make his sound come across as casual on Switch. If you do not count the numerous discs with his partner Sara d'Ippolito Reichert, this is his third release as a leader. It follows Deep Breath (Shifting Paradigm Records, 2023) and returning from that previous outing are vocalist Alyssa Allgood and drummer Devin Drobka... [ read more ]
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Tony Malaby and Firebath Ignite the Jazz Gallery (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)

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The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis Electrify the Bowery Ballroom (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)

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New music from Logan Kane, Jesus Molina and Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)

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Billy Strayhorn, Tom Waits, Norah Jones and Back Alley Brass Band (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)

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Louis Armstrong, Shana Tucker, Incognito and More (Sun, 23 Jun 2024)

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Twin Sons from Different Mothers: Harmonic Convergence in Jazz and Classical Music, Part 3: "Augmented 6th Chords in Classical And Jazz" (Sat, 22 Jun 2024)

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We Insist! Festival 2024 (Sat, 22 Jun 2024)

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