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Baltimore Jazz Alliance

The Baltimore Jazz Alliance is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the promotion of jazz in the greater Baltimore area. Through print and digital media channels, as well as in-person public outreach, the BJA provides information on the events, artists, venues, and recordings that the Baltimore jazz scene has to offer, and provides a variety of educational programs to introduce Baltimore’s youth to the history and techniques of jazz, as well as a recognition program for aspiring student musicians.


Our website features news, information, and most importantly, a calendar of all the jazz happening in and around Baltimore; the calendar is also emailed weekly to subscribers, so visit, sign up, and catch up with all the great #baltimorejazz!


Baltimore Jazz

BJA SPONSORS JAZZ AT TWO BROMO ARTS DISTRICT “ART WALKS” On June 24, the new Bromo Arts & Entertainment District, located downtown Baltimore, held its first “Art Walk” event, ably organized by its director, Emily Breiter, and the Baltimore Jazz Alliance was pleased to sponsor a jazz concert by Clarence Ward III and his band, Dat Feel Good, at the Eubie Blake Center. | Read more>> The post BJA SPONSORS JAZZ AT TWO BROMO ARTS DISTRICT “ART WALKS” appeared first on Baltimore Jazz.
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Blake Meister, Bassist Extraordinaire (Mon, 11 Oct 2021)
Known for his wit and versatility, Philadelphia-born bassist Blake Meister has become a widely recognized name in Baltimore’s jazz scene and beyond. Even in the toughest of times, he remains one of the busiest (and most positive) musicians around. Whether attending Terra Cafe’s Monday night jam session or performing on stage at all the local haunts and venues, you can be sure that he is always on the move and at the ready. | Read more>> The post Blake Meister, Bassist Extraordinaire appeared first on Baltimore Jazz.
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