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Baltimore Jazz Alliance

The Baltimore Jazz Alliance is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the promotion of jazz in the greater Baltimore area. Through print and digital media channels, as well as in-person public outreach, the BJA provides information on the events, artists, venues, and recordings that the Baltimore jazz scene has to offer, and provides a variety of educational programs to introduce Baltimore’s youth to the history and techniques of jazz, as well as a recognition program for aspiring student musicians.


Our website features news, information, and most importantly, a calendar of all the jazz happening in and around Baltimore; the calendar is also emailed weekly to subscribers, so visit, sign up, and catch up with all the great #baltimorejazz!


Alan Blackman’s New Album, Sacred Spaces, Reflects the Beauty of Nature. (Wed, 01 Mar 2023)
Alan Blackman and I met for the first time on a sunny morning in January at Ceremony Coffee in Mount Vernon, Baltimore. He arrived wearing a tweed cap, blue sweater, jeans, and brown shoes, giving off a somewhat cerebral vibe. We greeted one another, shook hands, and then sat down for our interview about his latest album, Sacred Spaces. | Read more>> The post Alan Blackman’s New Album, Sacred Spaces, Reflects the Beauty of Nature. appeared first on
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Erin Connelly: Fruitful (Wed, 01 Mar 2023)
Erin Connelly’s debut album Fruitful is a beautiful snapshot of four talented artists caught in the moment of creation. Recorded live at Peabody Conservatory’s Joe Byrd Hall, the album features Derrick Michaels on saxophones, Tony Martucci on drums, and Zach Swanson on upright bass, and consists of just three tracks, each a fully improvised work with its own colors and textures. | Read more>> The post Erin Connelly: Fruitful appeared first on
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