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Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin: 'Brasil' (Wed, 22 May 2024)
Just as sunshine pop offered a counterweight to psychedelic hard rock in the late 1960s, soft jazz evolved in the 1970s as a lighter FM alternative to the mystical psychedelic jazz fusion movement. Two artists who helped pioneer soft jazz...       Related Stories Lee Ritenhaur and Dave Grusin: 'Brasil'  
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Roger Kellaway: 'Live at Mezzrow' (Tue, 21 May 2024)
Roger Kellaway knows how to take songs apart and put them back together differently so they run brighter and more sophisticated. Take Try to Remember, the first song on his new album—Live at Mezzrow (Cellar Music), recorded at the New...       Related Stories Ruth, Roger and Melanie  
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Bill Evans Trio on 'Sport en Fête,' 1972 (Mon, 20 May 2024)
While the following clip may look as if the Bill Evans Trio is being held against its will in some sort of Clockwork Orange experiment, they actually were appearing on the popular French TV show Le Sport en Fête (The...       Related Stories Documentary: Leonardo's 'Mona Lisa' and Bill Evans Documentary: Leonardo's 'Mona Lisa' Bill Evans: 'Waltz for Debby'  
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 Billy Eckstine. 

Last week, after my post on vocalist Billy Eckstine, I heard from Phil Dorsey, who owns the BocX, a streaming soul, jazz and fusion station. Or, as the e-station puts it, "Danceable, jazzy, funky, soulful, electronic chill-out music." Phil wrote: "I inherited this picture [above] of my dad, Phil Sr., with Billy Eckstine. I don't know where the photo was taken or when."

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