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Phil’s Phaves! 

King Kooba is back!  Was first introduced to them in 2002, always funky and jazzy, this album is all about that with some deep grooves!

 The verses in particular had an old school 60's pop and grungy rock vibe. Once the track developed and lyrics were added it was re-shaped into more of a soul, blues and gospel vibe.  At the choruses it opens out to gospel.

Morfbeats Quartet - Adam's Mustache Loves Billy Martin


 What funk lover, doesn't like some funky organ licks? #morfbeats #Nubeats

 Sharlene-Monique has an Eryka Badu type voice, and musical cadence, except with a British accent! 

Check it out mornings on #Sharlene-Monique #NuSoul




Very mellow groove, easily added to our morning playlist. New Soul voice to be heard Jeb Loy Nichols. #TimmionRecords

Dip your soul into this new album by Jeb Loy Nichols, full of gritty grooves, mellow melodies and life-fuelled lyrics.  He's an American living in Wales, fulfilling his recording dreams! #Grooves #JebLoy

This is a strange little funky jazzy soul ditty.  Makes a strange noise that had me looking around to see where the noise was coming from! #Brainstory #FunkyJazz

If you need some feel good music, listen to this

Cleveland bringing it! #Jazz #ClevelandJazz

Hey there this is DJ Phil D the latest song we added to is "Right on and swing" by one of my favorite DJs Jupiter tuning center it uses some voice samples from #SammyDavisJr and it kind of has his touch as far as probably what he was jamming to or listening to back in the day in the 60s and 70s thank you for listening and enjoying! #NuJazz #JupiterTuningCenter 

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